The Review on the Color Constancy based Dermoscopy Image Classification

Neeraj Jasrotia Research, Sscet Badhani, Er Singh, Asst Sscet Badhani, Er Vikas, Saini Asst, Sscet Badhani
Color constancy has ability to restore the actual colors in given image by evaluating the effect of color light source. Many color constancy techniques has been proposed so far to enhance the color constancy accuracy rate further. But in existing literature no such a technique is found which behaves optimistically in every case. Although the dermoscopy image classification using color constancy has shown effective results over available techniques, but it still suffers from the issue of uneven
more » ... he issue of uneven illuminate, random noise and poor brightness. Therefore to handle this issue a new integrated dermoscopy image classification using color constancy approach will be proposed in this paper.