Endothelin 1 transcription is controlled by nuclear factor-kappaB in AGE-stimulated cultured endothelial cells

P. Quehenberger, A. Bierhaus, P. Fasching, C. Muellner, M. Klevesath, M. Hong, G. Stier, M. Sattler, E. Schleicher, W. Speiser, P. P. Nawroth
2000 Diabetes  
ET-1 gene linked to a reporter gene confirmed that AGE induced ET-1 promoter activity. Electrophoretic mobility shift assay confirmed AGEinducible binding of members of the nuclear factor-b (NF-B) family to a potential binding site at -2,090 bp. Binding was functionally significant because overexpression of the cytoplasmic inhibitor of NF-B or deletion of the NF-B binding site reduced ET-1 induction, whereas overexpression of NF-B p65 induced ET-1 even in the absence of AGEs. Thus, ET-1
more » ... ption is con-trolled by the AGE-inducible redox-sensitive transcription factor NF-B. Diabetes 49:1561-1570, 2000
doi:10.2337/diabetes.49.9.1561 pmid:10969841 fatcat:7dh6bhl6xzcgbd6oxzy5bdqqhm