Hsa-miRNA-31 regulates epithelial cell barrier function by inhibiting TNFSF15 expression

X Nan, S Qin, Z Yuan, Y Li, J Zhang, C Li, X Tan, Y Yan
2016 Cellular and Molecular Biology  
Ulcerative colitis (UC) is characterized by epithelial barrier disruption and alterations in immune regulation but with the etiology unknown. MicroRNA-31 is the most consistent differentially expressed miRNA in ulcerative colitis tissue. The aim of this project is to study the important roles of miRNA-31 in regulation of intestinal epithelial barrier function. We found that expression of miRNA-31 is proportional to the proliferation of Caco2-BBE cells and overexpression of miRNA-31 can increase
more » ... its trans-epithelial resistance (TER) by decreasing the transepithelial permeability. miRNA-31 can directly bind to the 3-UTR of TNFSF15, thereafter negatively regulating its expression in Caco2-BBE cells. BrdU and TUNEL analysis demonstrated that transfection of miRNA-31 stimulates proliferation or apoptosis-resistance. Taken together, these results revealed a novel mecha-nism underlying the regulation of epithelial barrier function by miRNA-31 during its regulation on proliferation of epithelial cells.
pmid:27188743 fatcat:qz35ocjlgreh7d52csaubm7oiy