Lattice-coupled antiferromagnet on frustrated lattices

Chenglong Jia, Jung Ho Nam, June Seo Kim, Jung Hoon Han
2005 Physical Review B  
Lattice-coupled antiferromagnetic spin model is analyzed for a number of frustrated lattices: triangular, Kagome, and pyrochlore. In triangular and Kagome lattices where ground state spins are locally ordered, the spin-lattice interaction does not lead to a static deformation of the lattice. In the pyrochlore structure, spin-lattice coupling supports a picture of the hexagon spin cluster proposed in the recent experiment[S. H. Lee et al. Nature, 418, 856 (2002)]. Through spin-lattice
more » ... a uniform contraction of the individual hexagons in the pyrochlore lattice can take place and reduce the exchange energy. Residual hexagon-hexagon interaction takes the form of a 3-states Potts model where the preferred directions of the spin-loop directors for nearby hexagons are mutually orthogonal.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.71.212406 fatcat:vmr5lwwqdjef3f2z3avaolicdi