Gaseous Slip Flow in Three-Dimensional Uniform Rectangular Microchannel

Khaleel Khasawneh, Hongli Liu, Chunpei Cai
This paper analyzes compressible gaseous slip flow through a three-dimensional straight uniform rectangular microchannel, and reports a set of asymptotic solutions. By comparing the magnitudes of different forces in the compressible gas flow, we obtain a proper criteria to estimate the Reynolds and Mach numbers at the channel exit. We select two sets of Mach and Reynolds numbers and obtain asymptotic analytical solutions of velocities and pressure distributions; first order velocity slip and
more » ... elocity slip and non-slip boundary conditions are examined. The analytical results of pressure and velocities are compared with numerical simulation results of direct simulation Monte Carlo method and the results that are available in the literature.
doi:10.1063/1.3562735 fatcat:bcafs636n5aajbtzkww4tj3k2a