Armour layer stability on a bermed slope breakwater

O.P.J. Dijkstra
consists of an individual thesis on a subject related to the student's specialization. This report is an overview of the results of an investigation on the thesis subject: Stability of breakwater armour layers on a bermed slope under wave attack. The main research objective is to develop insight on the influence of the governing parameters of a berm on the stability of breakwater armour layers. This study, existing of a research of the literature and small-scale experiments, is performed in
more » ... e collaboration with the engineering department of Van Oord. The experiments were executed in the Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics at Delft University of Technology. I would like to thank both departments for offering the facilities and financial support needed to accomplish this study. During this period a graduation committee, consisting of the following persons, supervised the thesis work, for which I am very grateful;
doi:10.4233/uuid:a1848eea-754e-4e8e-8dd9-f592d385d8bc fatcat:7jwv62tlabdpdjgynbpagrkiuq