Student computer attitudes, experience and perceptions about the use of two software applications in Building Engineering

Esther Chiner, Victoria E. Garcia-Vera
2017 European Journal of Engineering Education  
The purpose of this study was to examine students' computer attitudes and experience, as well as students' perceptions about the use of two specific software applications (Google Drive Spreadsheets and Arquimedes) in the Building Engineering context. The relationships among these variables were also examined. Ninety-two students took part in this study. Results suggest that students hold favourable computer attitudes. Moreover, it was found a significant positive relationship among students'
more » ... itudes and their computer experience. Findings also show that students find Arquimedes software more useful and with higher output quality than Google Drive Spreadsheets, while the latter is perceived to be easier to use. Regarding the relationship among students' attitudes towards the use of computers and their perceptions about the use of both software applications, only a significant positive relationship in the case of Arquimedes was found. Findings are discussed in terms of its implications for practice and further research.
doi:10.1080/03043797.2017.1306025 fatcat:fiwgdvtbzzgllfhbmb46ohpwxe