Genel Kredi Sözleşmelerindeki Hükümlerin Genel İşlem Koşulları Düzenlemesi Bakımından Değerlendirilmesi

Ayşe Nilay Şenol
2019 Uluslararası Bilimsel Araştırmalar Dergisi  
The change in economic life with the industrial revolution affected the individual contracts. The mass produced goods and services are offered to hundreds of people every day, and the negotiation of each provision in contracts involving exchange of goods and services does not meet the requirements of business life. As a result, the contents of these contracts are partially or fully composed of pre-formulated and unilateral conditions called general terms and conditions. The articles concerning
more » ... eneral terms and conditions have entered into force with the 2012 amendment of the Code of Obligation. The legal consequences and ineffectiveness in some conditions are also regulated. Besides, the provisions of the Law on the Protection of the Consumer are special provisions in terms of consumer transactions. General loan agreements consist of general terms and conditions in practice. The validity of these terms in general loan agreements should be evaluated within the scope of law. The validity of provisions in favor of the bank shall be evaluated taking into consideration the doctrine and judicial decisions.
doi:10.21733/ibadjournal.581253 fatcat:xz6ehc4j25blvedkkxfrpjkhpi