Hysteresis Loss in Poloidal Coils of the Large Helical Device

Kazuya TAKAHATA, Hirotaka CHIKARAISHI, Toshiyuki MITO, Shinsaku IMAGAWA
2011 Plasma and Fusion Research  
Hysteresis loss in poloidal coils of the Large Helical Device (LHD) has been measured during single-pulse operation. The superconductors of the coils are Nb-Ti cable-in-conduit conductors (CICC) cooled by forcedflow supercritical helium. The loss was measured by monitoring the enthalpy increase of the helium coolant between the inlet and outlet. Although the hysteresis loss was extracted by extrapolating several data sets from pulse excitations with different sweep rates, the extrapolated loss
more » ... as much larger than the estimation using the magnetic hysteresis of the conductor. The anomalous increase in the loss is likely due to inter-strand coupling loss with long time constants from the order of 10 to 1000 s. The calculations show that the additional coupling loss behaves like a hysteresis loss.
doi:10.1585/pfr.6.2405077 fatcat:tboxiinbovbnffmtuw2qfgg23a