A Contribution to Considerations of the Role of Embedded Systems

Josip Stepanić, Josip Kasać, Marjana Merkač
2014 Business Systems Research  
Background: Embedded systems are a ubiquitous part of modern civilisation. Trends point to further intensification of their use. In this article we discuss long-term implications of that process, from the point of view of systems science. Objectives: On a general level, we relate embedded systems to a general class of objects and argue about their role in human life. On a somewhat more specific level, we consider in more details the development of unmanned aerial vehicles. Methods/Approach: In
more » ... rder to achieve the set objectives, we conducted inductive theoretical considerations and presented the results in this section. Results: The hierarchy of notions relating human civilization to environment is established, and embedded systems are positioned within it. Conclusions: Broadening and intensification of the use of embedded systems is a gradual process, heavily intertwined with societal changes. The case study of the development of the unmanned aerial vehicles reveals the potentials of the concept of embedded systems, also in the area of human resources management
doi:10.2478/bsrj-2014-0004 fatcat:lvmnjxgl35dfnjah742wchz4fq