Sodium Oxy-Mercury-Ortho-Nitro Phenolate (Mercurophen): With Special Reference to its Practcal Value as a Disinfectant

J. F. Schamberg, J. A. Kolmer, G. W. Raiziss, M. E. Trist
1919 Journal of Infectious Diseases  
In a preliminary report' we briefly described the properties of a mercurial compound, elaborated during a systematic investigation in the chemotherapy of mercurial compounds, which was found to possess certain superior antiseptic and germicidal properties and to which the name of "mercurophen" was given. Since then additional laboratory and "clinical studies have been conducted on a large scale and the object of this article is to give in a brief manner a further report on the properties of
more » ... e properties of this compound and its value as a disinfectant. The additional work has confirmed our earlier results and the superiority of mercurophen over other mercurials, notably mercuric chlorid, which was taken as a standard for comparison, and in addition it has been shown that the new compound possesses a marked affinity and destructive influence for staphylococci and spore-forming organisms and. also possesses other distinctive features of much interest and importance from the viewpoint of chemotherapy. Mercurophen has been designated chemically as sodium oxymercuryorthonitrophenolate, containing 53% mercury and having the following structural formula: Na ONO, HgOH The exact position of mercury in the molecule is not definitely demonstrated.
doi:10.1093/infdis/24.6.547 fatcat:cpwofkbrvvgkpll7t2tgcckl4m