Non-Blazar Gamma-Ray Variables in the Galactic Plane: A New Class of Gamma-Ray Sources

Marco Tavani
1998 Highlights of Astronomy  
AbstractWe discuss recent detections of time-variable gamma-ray sources near the Galactic plane. A new bright gamma-ray transient was detected by EGRET in June 1995 near the Galactic center (GRO J1838-04). Also one of the most interesting unidentified gamma-ray sources in the plane, 2CG 135+1, was recently shown to be variable. Both GRO J1838-04 and 2CG 135+1 share many characteristics: variability of the gamma-ray flux within days/weeks, occasional peak gamma-ray emission of comparable flux (˜
more » ... 4 x 10-6ph cm-2s-1), absence of radio-loud spectrally-flat AGNs or prominent radio pulsars within their error boxes, lack of strong X-ray and/or hard X-ray counterparts. These characteristics do not match those of either gamma-ray blazars or isolated pulsars. Therefore, GRO J1838-04 and 2CG 135+1 provide strong evidence for the existence of anewclass of variable gamma-ray sources.
doi:10.1017/s1539299600018748 fatcat:zu5kt7xg4rhwddqyon67x3m7zu