The Performance of Employees Work Discipline Pt. Atri Distribution Pare-Pare

Sri Andayaningsih
2016 IOSR Journal of Business and Management  
This study aims to determine the effect of labor discipline on the performance of employees at PT. Atri Distribution Pare-Pare. This study uses quantitative and qualitative data as well as descriptive of primary and secondary data sources. The analytical method used was obtained that affect the performance of the employee discipline employees who value t count> t-table (3.9> 1.785). Discipline employee reached 81.73% or included excellent. Similarly, the performance of employees at PT. Atri
more » ... ees at PT. Atri Distribution Pare-Pare reached 82.8% and is at a good rating. Analysis of statistical studies have shown that the discipline with the performance of employees have a level of relationship is (concrete) on the coefficient of determination r2 = 0.3630, which means that the discipline capable of affecting the performance of 36.30% and the remaining 63.70% influenced by other variables. Thus the hypothesis proposed by the author accepted. 102 | Page discipline preventive. Preventive Discipline is an attempt to move the employees to follow and adhere to the guidelines, the rules that have been outlined by the company. By way of prevention, the employee or the employee can maintain itself against the regulations of the company. Corrective discipline Corrective Discipline is an effort to move employees in stating a rule and move to remain in compliance with the regulations in accordance with the guidelines in force at the company. In the corrective discipline employees who violate the discipline needs to be given sanctions under the applicable laws and provide lessons for noncompliance. So, leaders need to work closely with all parts of the system to develop discipline. If the system is a good organization, it is expected that it will be easier to enforce labor discipline (Mangkunagara, 2004: 129). Labor discipline is an attitude and behavior that shows the loyalty and obedience of a person or group of persons against the rules set by the agency or organization. The success of an organization in achieving discipline employees affected by several factors, namely: Working hourspermission employees Worker's attendance So, if all the factors of discipline employees performing well, then the organization or company can create conditions so that the function of discipline both organizations can work well too. Performance comes from understanding performance. There also give understanding performance as a result of work or work performance. However, actual performance has a broader meaning, not the work, but how the job is in progress. Sinambela, et all (2012: 5) "Performances of employee is defined as the ability of employees to perform their certain skill". According to Miner in Sutrisno (2010: 170) "is how one's performance is expected to function and behave in accordance with the tasks that have been assigned to him." Schwartz in Wibowo (2010: 9) "performance as a management style that is basically open communication between managers and employees regarding goal setting, feedback from managers to employees and vice versa from the employee to the manager." "Performance is the result of work that can be achieved by a person or group of people within an organization or institution, in accordance with the authority and responsibilities of each, in an effort to achieve the goals of the organization in question legally, does not violate the law and in accordance with the moral ethics that have been determined ".
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