Confinement mechanism in various abelian projections of SU(2) lattice gluodynamics

M.N. Chernodub, M.I. Polikarpov, A.I. Veselov
1995 Physics Letters B  
We show that the monopole confinement mechanism in lattice gluodynamics is a particular feature of the maximal abelian projection. We give an explicit example of the SU(2) → U(1) projection (the minimal abelian projection), in which the confinement is due to topological objects other than monopoles. We perform analytical and numerical study of the loop expansion of the Faddeev--Popov determinant for the maximal and the minimal abelian projections, and discuss the fundamental modular region for
more » ... modular region for these projections.
doi:10.1016/0370-2693(94)01353-e fatcat:usn5yce4tfhsjmyylgmk75dvn4