Absorption and scattering by sound-absorbent cylinders

R.K. Cook, P. Chrzanowski
1946 Journal of research of the National Bureau of Standards  
The absorption and scattering of a plane wave of sound by an infinitely long circular cylinder whose axis is perpendicular to the direction of propagation of the wave are calculated. The surface of the cvlinder is assumed to have a known normal acoustic impedance. The calculations take account of diffraction effects. Absorption measurements were made on long cylinders placed in a reverberation room, where the incident wave directions are at all angles to the axes of the cylinders, and were
more » ... ders, and were compared wit h the calculated values. In order to make the comparison, the reverberation-room statistics appropriate for cylinders (which are different from the statistics for flat patches of absorbent material) are developed and applied. The theory predicts, and measurements confirm, that absorbent cylinders can have coefficients of absorption greater than unity. Fairly good agreement between the calculated and measured coefficients is found. The r everberation-room statistics appropriate for spherical absorbers are also developed, although no measurements were made on spheres.
doi:10.6028/jres.036.020 fatcat:gniwa263mfhqxgjxffapl6rzcu