Sosyolojik Kontekstte Moderniteye Dair İki Tez: Kopuş Mu Süreklilik Mi?

2021 Sosyolojik Bağlam Dergisi  
In this study, some theses about modernity, which is the main research object of sociology, will be discussed. Not all theses on modernity will be discussed. Because within the bounds of such an article, it is not possible to express all the discussions about modernity in the literature. In this paper we will try to sum up two theses on modernity in sociological context. After evaluating the historical and etymologic origin of the concept of modernity, the first of the discussions we will
more » ... ch is about the fact that modernity symbolizes a break from the past and that it is unique. For the first discussion in this study, the views of two thinkers, Jürgen Habermas and Hans Blumenberg, will be expressed. The second thesis on modernity argues modernity's continuity with the past and its historicity. The views of some of the thinkers who defended the latter will also be discussed. These thinkers are Karl Löwith, Jacob Taubes, Carl Schmitt, Eric Voegelin and Michael Gillespie, respectively. As sociologist Giddens has said, "sociology is the science of modernity". In this context, theses on modernity, and essence of modernity set a theoretical and intellectual framework for today's sociologist's research on society. Therefore, at the end of the study, the contribution of philosophical debates on modernity to sociology will be evaluated additionally.
doi:10.52108/2757-5942.2.1.6 fatcat:57dqh5vhprdtfl4gcl4q6xm6gq