Viscosity, Conductivity and Density of Fused Silver Chloride Doped with MeCln (Me = Li, K, Cs, Ba) in the Mole Fraction Region 0 ≦xdopant ≦0.1

Giorgio G. W. Greening, Konrad G. Weil
1985 Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung A-A Journal of Physical Sciences  
The density, the electrolytic conductivity, and the viscosity of molten silver chloride doped with LiCl, KCl, CsCl, and BaCl2 have been measured in the concentration range 0 ≦x dopant ≦0.1 and temperature range 740 K ≧ Tm ≦900 K. The molar conductivity, Λ, decreases linearly with x dopant , the curve being independent of the charge of the added cation. Only in the case of LiCl is a very small increase of Λ observed. The viscosity of the melt remains virtually unchanged when doped with alkali
more » ... oped with alkali halides. Addition of BaCl2 leads to a strong increase of the viscosity. The findings show that for these systems no correlation exists between the conductivity and the viscosity. It is further suggested that there is a strong influence of the long range Coulomb interaction on the viscosity of molten salts.
doi:10.1515/zna-1985-1113 fatcat:iwwlw3j5jvdfnkcenhmmxhthua