Art. IV.—No. I. of Mr. Wathen's Ancient Inscriptions

1836 Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland  
I. May that uncreated triple celestial tree which is adorned and clasped by Srí, Saraswatí, and Umá, resembling beauteous climbing plants, be propitious to you.1. This race (or Vansa-tree) having burst forth from that moon as a root, which is in the forest-like knot of the braided hair of that Mahá Déva who has been worshipped by Brahmá, and other immortals; being watered by the pure stream of the sacred river, flourished wonderfully, and grew to an extreme height; from its crown, branches
more » ... bling streamers spread themselves, and became lofty under the white, umbrella-like shadow of such a moon.
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