Synthesis of a Robust Multiobserver for the Estimation of Unknown Inputs Using the Piecewise Quadratic Functions

2010 American Journal of Applied Sciences  
Problem statement: The estimation of states and the unknown inputs of a nonlinear system described by a multimodel are done by a multiobserver. The stabilization of the multiobserver calls upon uses both quadratic and no quadratic functions of Lyapunov. Although the stabilization using the quadratic approach is interesting from the point of view implementation, the step showed its limits for the multimodel. However, the problem paused by the quadratic method lies in the obligation to satisfy
more » ... eral LMI with respect to the same Lyapunov matrix P, these results are shown very conservative. Approach: To reduce the conservatism of the quadratic approach we propose another approach which is exclusively based on Lyapunov piecewise quadratic functions. The conditions obtained by the stabilization of the multiobserver are expressed in term of matrix inequalities with constraints on the matrices rank. Results: The estimation of both states and unknown inputs of a multimodel using the quadratic approach per pieces leads to results less conservative than the quadratic approach. Academic examples illustrate the robustness of the piecewise quadratic approach. Conclusion: In this article we proposed new sufficient conditions of stability of a multiobserver able to the estimation of states and unknown inputs of a nonlinear system describes by a multimodel subjected to the influence of the unknown inputs. The study in was carried out by considering two approaches. The first approach is based on Lyapunov quadratic functions; it is significant to note the great difficulty in finding satisfying results by this approach for the multimodel systems. For this reason we proposed an approach based on piecewise quadratic functions which led to interesting results (proposition 1) and less conservative than the quadratic approach. The conditions suggested in this article concern both the multiobserver stabilization and the estimation of states and the unknown inputs of a multimodel with measurable variables of decision (µξ(k)). The synthesis of a multiobserver with no measurable variables of decision is not approached. This point can constitute an interesting prospect for this study.
doi:10.3844/ajassp.2010.1264.1276 fatcat:4dbavntb3jfplnj42rznjbhcxe