Fermionic models with superconducting circuits

Urtzi Las Heras, Laura García-Álvarez, Antonio Mezzacapo, Enrique Solano, Lucas Lamata
2015 EPJ Quantum Technology  
We propose a method for the efficient quantum simulation of fermionic systems with superconducting circuits. It consists in the suitable use of Jordan-Wigner mapping, Trotter decomposition, and multiqubit gates, be with the use of a quantum bus or direct capacitive couplings. We apply our method to the paradigmatic cases of 1D and 2D Fermi-Hubbard models, involving couplings with nearest and next-nearest neighbours. Furthermore, we propose an optimal architecture for this model and discuss the
more » ... enchmarking of the simulations in realistic circuit quantum electrodynamics setups.
doi:10.1140/epjqt/s40507-015-0021-5 fatcat:yiptydm5uvbczieel2poz5qslu