Supplementary material to "Technical note: Conservative storage of water vapour: a key to practical measurements of water stable isotopes in tree stems and soils" [post]

Ruth Magh, Benjamin Gralher, Barbara Herbstritt, Angelika Kübert, Hyungwoo Lim, Tomas Lundmark, John Marshall
2022 unpublished
Table S 1 Changes in the isotopic composition in reference to the "0-day" samples by Source ID and Storage time. Columns 3 through 8 depict minimum, mean, median and maximum change 1 for d 2 H, while columns 9 through 14 show analogous data for d 18 O. Significance levels for the pairwise Wilcox test base on the comparison of each storage groups mean with the "0-day" 2 isotopic composition mean of the respective source and are defined as follows: p-value >= 0.
doi:10.5194/hess-2022-37-supplement fatcat:3gdvp6ifq5crrctvxhith7aaz4