Basic Studies and New Technologies of Architecture and Planning Iranian Public culture, an opportunity to promote quality of urban design projects' implementation

S Safavi
2018 Naqshejahan Naqshejahan   unpublished
Iranian culture can be appointed as an opportunity to promote urban design projects' quality of implementation. Every community's cultural brief can be traced in its economic, social structure. Theoretical and practical principals of Islam religion in compound with cultural conditions could lead to some executive policies in different important arena such as economic, political and social. These can promote each countries development in different aspects. Urban design projects needs efficient,
more » ... mart and keen observing management system to be implemented well. Complicated process of an urban design project can be fulfilled and delivered only in this condition. "Urban Design is a political and not a technical issue. The technical aspects are very simple. The difficult decisions relate to who is going to benefit from the models adopted". Enrique Penalosa says. In Iran urban management system as the only permissive system for defining and ratifying urban design projects, has the main role to have these projects implemented. Municipalities as the most important external parable of urban management system must define the projects on the base of real scope of the city, for instance considering the environmental, infrastructural, social and economic conditions and capacities of a city. So you can predict a project as a feasible plan. Scrutinizing the main challenges of implementation of urban Design plans and the feasibility of them in Iran, some points can be mentioned such as; weaknesses of the quality of implementation, over length of the implementing process or even not finishing or abandoning a project, and in many cases providing several parallel plans for some specified subjects of urban design project. This condition leads to consuming so much time and expenses and other sources in vein. So the subject of plans feasibility in urban design, as a main part of urban design process, is considered not only un-negligible but also vital .