Cardinality and counting quantifiers on omega-automatic structures [article]

Lukasz Kaiser, Sasha Rubin, Vince Bárány
2008 arXiv   pre-print
We investigate structures that can be represented by omega-automata, so called omega-automatic structures, and prove that relations defined over such structures in first-order logic expanded by the first-order quantifiers 'there exist at most _0 many', 'there exist finitely many' and 'there exist k modulo m many' are omega-regular. The proof identifies certain algebraic properties of omega-semigroups. As a consequence an omega-regular equivalence relation of countable index has an omega-regular
more » ... set of representatives. This implies Blumensath's conjecture that a countable structure with an ω-automatic presentation can be represented using automata on finite words. This also complements a very recent result of Hjörth, Khoussainov, Montalban and Nies showing that there is an omega-automatic structure which has no injective presentation.
arXiv:0802.2866v1 fatcat:e6u444zcmzhepp56valkfilvqm