Keeping Error In Class All Semester

David Devine
2007 Annual Conference & Exposition Proceedings   unpublished
The topic of error in measurements is fundamental to the study of elementary surveying. Textbooks used for such courses often include this topic in the first chapters of the book. Students may not always consider the error involved with measurements, particularly using modern advanced surveying techniques, unless the course is conducted in a manner that develops this premise. The theme of error in measurements is developed through the entire semester of the course by not only traditional means
more » ... ommon in many surveying courses and but also new assignments and activities. The current textbook used in the course covers the subject matter in the second chapter. An active classroom exercise is used to bring the experience of the subject matter into the classroom when covering this chapter. Laboratory exercises for the course still utilize the steel tape. Thus, error corrections for temperature can be used to reinforce the concept of error. An Internet investigation assignment is used to get students to search beyond the class textbook and reinforce the types of error that occur with EDM and GPS equipment. Level survey work both in the classroom and laboratory always involve "closing the circuit". Finally, near the end of the course, latitudes and departures exercises are used to bring distance measurement together with directions and subsequent computation and balancing the latitudes and departures by the compass rule.
doi:10.18260/1-2--1831 fatcat:6eetcrt4ebefrkytqo7wt2kise