Phytochemical characterization of the threatened specie Fraxinus caroliniana Mill subsp. cubensis (Griseb.) Borhidi

Mabelkis Terry Rosabal, Beatriz del Valle Suárez, Yunel Pérez Hernández, Ileana Mestre Naite, Yohanka Lezcano Mas, Lenia Robledo Ortega
2016 Biotecnología Vegetal  
Fraxinus caroliniana Mill subsp. cubensis (Griseb.) Borhidi is commonly known as buffalo, represents an endemic subspecies and categorized as critical danger of extinction in Cuba. This work aimed to characterize the phytochemical composition of plants of F. caroliniana in two localities of the Matanzas province. The presence of secondary metabolites in leaf extracts was qualitatively analyzed and reductive and total sugars were quantified. The results indicated the presence of flavonoids,
more » ... nes, steroids, saponins, tannins and anthraquinones in leaves that could be considered for further systematic studies and application in agriculture. The plants from the Ciénaga de Zapata showed contents of reducing sugars and totals higher than those obtained in the plants of Martí. These results provide information for the identification of characters of possible taxonomic and conservation value in this species. Keywords: anthraquinons, extracts, swamp ash, steroids, tannins, terpens
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