An Analytical Literature Review on Environmental Innovations Concepts [post]

2022 unpublished
Background: The importance of environmental innovation concepts is growing in the private sector, in academia and at the level of government policies. The concept of environmental innovation is closely related to two other notions: eco-innovation and green innovation. The purpose of this paper is to contribute to a clarification of the concept of environmental innovation and to provide an overview of the existing scientific literature in this field, identifying the most active authors,
more » ... , publishers and relevant publications.Results: We created a matrix with a proposed eco-innovation model that is focused on the correlation between the measures related to the model application in the process of eco-innovation and the main areas of application.Conclusion: This review draws from the resource-based theory and investigates the interrelationships between three types of innovation (environmental innovation, eco-innovation, green innovation) and their impact on firm's business performance using the proposed eco-innovation model. We found that the most active scholars are situated in US and Europe (i.e. USA, UK. Swiss, Germany, Singapore, Netherlands, Canada and France) and identified OECD as author of seven publications and Jens Horbach as author of six publications in the field of environmental innovations journals, leading the field.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:44672eowrja7xgz67t3vbum5i4