The impact of product category on customer dissatisfaction in cyberspace

Yooncheong Cho, Il Im, Jerry Fjermestad, Starr Roxanne Hiltz
2003 Business Process Management Journal  
How do online customers judge a product's attributes in cyberspace? Previous studies of online product category suggest that all goods are not equal on the Web, because products have different attributes. Furthermore, the literature assumes that the customer's ability to evaluate product quality on the Web differs according to product attributes. Based on these considerations, the purpose of this study is to determine whether a customer's dissatisfaction and propensity to complain on the Web
more » ... plain on the Web differ depending on product category. This study examines how selected variables (i.e. monetary, and non-monetary effort, and the degree of involvement) in¯uenced the impact of product category on customer dissatisfaction. The analysis was performed using survey data, collected both online and of¯ine. The ®ndings suggest the most appropriate strategies online companies should employ for each product category in question.
doi:10.1108/14637150310496730 fatcat:ogvemnts4rckzhxskpp5l4srse