Die Hernien und ihre Behundlung

1911 Journal of the American Medical Association  
a legitimate function of a fraternity. There is no excuse whatever for furnishing professional services at a nominal rale lo members of benevolent aid societies, since this involves buying the services of the physician at wholesale and selling them at retail to tie individunl member, thus permitting the promoter or the company to profit and, in fact, to exploit the physician for personal benefit. It we ¡ire to retain the confidence and respect of the public we must think more clearly on
more » ... clearly on economic and sociologie questions than has been the custom in the profession heretofore. If we oppose ¡in arrangement which is not only justifiable but necessary, we will not only fail to accomplish an\ thing but we will injure our influence at the same time. If We submit to nil economic wrong, we thereby lose the respect of the public. It is, there fore, necessary for us us a profession to analyze existing social problems and to discriminate carefully and accurately between those relations which arc justifiable and those which arc not.
doi:10.1001/jama.1911.04260070150034 fatcat:pxwmg5cnzffcxnpf42jyb65wkm