Інноваційні управлінські технології в системі електронного уряду

Кемка О.О., Кочетков В.М.
2020 Economics and Management  
The article investigates innovative management technologies in the system of e-government in the context of interaction between government bodies, business and citizens. The basic tasks of creation of the e-government system are highlighted, the basic principles are described. The structure of approaches of innovative technologies in the system of e-government is analyzed. The main directions of the development of e-government in public administration are distinguished in accordance with the
more » ... ategic development of the state and regions. The organizational and legal mechanisms of the development of e-government in the activity of state bodies, developed within the framework of relevant state programs, are investigated .The system-forming elements of e-governance, which are developed in accordance with the norms of national legislation, have been determined. Recent government lawmaking initiatives in this area are highlighted. It is substantiated that the idea of e-government opens to citizens new opportunities for political participation, namely influence on the political life of the country, the state power through the Internet through politically oriented websites and portals. It is justified that the success in implementing eGovernment depends on the elite interest in implementing a qualitatively new, post-industrial philosophy of public administration, information transparency and publicity in the activities of the government and the state government as a whole.Attention is drawn to the problems that arise on the way to the introduction of e-government in public authorities and local self-government in Ukraine. The features of the introduction of e-government as one of the factors of democratic transformations in the interaction of power, business and citizens in Ukraine are determined.
doi:10.36919/2312-7812.1.2020.72 fatcat:2rgk6p3c55hozhruvu22nm26xq