Antropojenik Etkiler İle Havanın Kirletilmesi ve İklim Değişikliği

Ferhat Büyükşahin
2018 Uluslararası İnsan Çalışmaları Dergisi  
There are gases in different proportions in order to live for life in the atmosphere. In case of change of these ratios, the eco-system falls in danger. While the Sun is sending short infrared radiation to the Earth, the Earth re-emits them as long infrared radiation to the space but increasing amounts of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere hinder those re-emitted long radiation from the Earth to reach to the space. By this negative effect, global temperature increases and results in climate
more » ... changes. Climate changes occur of two main factors. First one refers to the changes occurring by the natural ways. By natural means; the shifts in the orbital movements of the Earth, the formation of ascending mountain rocks and elevations, the amount of energy resulting from the increase and decrease in sunspots, the earth's movements
doi:10.35235/uicd.427397 fatcat:ziir66kjovgmbcffwuwdd2i75u