A simple framework for calculating metrics of Fault Tolerant Itemsets

Morrel Vl, Nunsanga
2016 International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Technology (IJLRET) www.ijlret.comǁ   unpublished
The Association rule mining searches for interesting relationship among items in a given data set. There are still big challenges in finding out interesting relationship among items in large volume of data as these big volumes of data tend to contain errors or noises. In presence of such errors, the traditional approach for calculating support and confidence gives values which are at times meaningless. In this paper, the framework for computing the standard metrics i.e. confidence and support
more » ... dence and support for Fault Tolerant Itemsets(FTI) is given, and in addition to the standard metrics, a new metric called, Interestingness is also introduced to add additional information to association rule for FTIs.