Confined Assembly of Hollow Carbon Spheres in Carbonaceous Nanotube: A Spheres-in-Tube Carbon Nanostructure with Hierarchical Porosity for High-Performance Supercapacitor

Ze Chen, Sunjie Ye, Stephen D. Evans, Yuanhang Ge, Zhifeng Zhu, Yingfeng Tu, Xiaoming Yang
2018 Small  
Carbonaceous nanotubes (CTs) represent one of the most popular and effective carbon electrode materials for supercapacitors, but the electrochemistry performance of CTs is largely limited by their relatively low specific surface area, insufficient usage of intratube cavity, low content of heteroatom, and poor porosity. An emerging strategy for circumventing these issues is to design novel porous CT-based nanostructures. Herein, a spheres-in-tube nanostructure with hierarchical porosity is
more » ... sfully engineered, by encapsulating heteroatom-doping hollow carbon spheres into one carbonaceous nanotube (HCSs@CT). This intriguing nanoarchitecture integrates the merits of large specific surface area, good porosity, and high content of heteroatoms, which synergistically facilitates the transportation and exchange of ions and electrons. Accordingly, the as-prepared HCSs@CTs possess outstanding performances as electrode materials of supercapacitors, including superior capacitance to that of CTs, HCSs, and their mixtures, coupled with excellent cycling life, demonstrating great potential for applications in energy storage.
doi:10.1002/smll.201704015 pmid:29577590 fatcat:hgb7i7gkxzenfoxhoc3ugdas3u