Multiple Sclerosis: Methods of Treatment and Rehabilitation

Yuriy Lysenko
1970 Фізичне виховання, спорт і культура здоров'я у сучасному суспільстві  
The specificity of multiple sclerosis (MS) is a young age patients with a variety of symptoms, the unpredictability of the disease. All these factors are the reason that the rehabilitation of patients with MS is one of the most difficult tasks of neurological rehabilitation. A wide range of symptoms in MS, the obvious way of complexity associated with his patient, and it is a disease with which we must contend daily. MS is a chronic disease of the CNS, diseases which frequency is 30–100 per 100
more » ... 000 persons. However, knowledge about MS and its treatment may reduce symptoms intensity and improve the lot of their options. In recent years it is seen the increase in the number of scientific publications on effective rehabilitation of patients with MS. Rehabilitation in MS is symptomatic in nature and includes all motor dysfunction – of autonomic disorders to motor deficits. Well–conducted rehabilitation significantly reduces the effects of disease, thus increases the effects of pharmacotherapy. Regardless of the form of the disease, the result of PC is disability and reduced quality of life, making it difficult to self-service and independent functioning. Doctor's detection of functional deficit targets and determining the therapeutic process, allows to reduce the intensity of symptoms of the disease. The work represents the chosen form of exercise methods of physiotherapy and some principles of rehabilitation strategies in the rehabilitation of patients with MS.
doi:10.29038/2220-7481-2017-02-157-163 fatcat:omgnhb5scfbtpmcugqisdaywcy