Hydrogen Bonding Guests Direct the Packing of a Small Organic Cage Molecule [post]

Thomas Anglim Lagones, Stephanie Boer, Nicholas White
2019 unpublished
<div> <p>A small organic cage molecule (<b>1</b>) containing six nitrile groups was crystallized in the presence of a number of guests with hydrogen bond donor groups, and from different solvents. In total, eight crystal structures of <b>1</b> were obtained, six of which are guest-free and two of which are co-crystals. When the guest was resorcinol or pyrogallol co-crystals did not form, but the presence of the guests directed formation of new crystalline phases that were not observed when the
more » ... age was crystallized alone. When the guest was hydroquinone or diaminobenzene, it was possible to isolate co-crystals where the guest hydrogen bonds to some of the nitrile groups of the cage. </p> </div> <br>
doi:10.26434/chemrxiv.8052182.v1 fatcat:qndu2kxznnebnc3gh7emiakbme