Seasonal fluctuation and host species affect Tobacco ringspot virus detection [post]

Eunice E Beaver-Kanuya, S.J. Harper
2021 unpublished
Tobacco ringspot virus (TRSV) is a pathogen with a wide host range that can cause disease in many perennial species. Yet detection of this virus can be insistent and unreliable, complicating disease management. In this study we asked whether seasonal effects changed the titer and distribution of the virus in Vitis vinifera, Malus domestica, and Prunus armeniaca. We developed an RT-qPCR assay and used it to monitor TRSV accumulation in leaves, stems, and roots over the course of a year. TRSV
more » ... of a year. TRSV titer, and the tissues in which it accumulated, changed throughout the year in a host-specific manner which may be due to host plant growth patterns and temperature. These data will aid in determining optimal sampling time, and which tissues to collect to have confidence in diagnostic results.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:x6v47jt4s5fznhlukl24ebdlvy