The Cowichan Leader [Thursday, November 21, 1918] [article]

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Lafce Victory Loan Comraittee wouad tioni. op their highly raccesafol campaign j Taking the district including both -------*-"«* ^ being the gnciti of their chairman, Shawaigan and Cobble HDI on the!'""" *"* ™'""' ®" 'he north, has been com- NORTH COWICHAN THE PAST YEAR Coandl Boys Mpre War Bond*-Report On Poultry And Dairy li Chemaiaua Meeting Today dnatriea In Cowichan On Thursday last the North Cow-The folIowingT^rt on the Sultry iehan, council, at a special meeting, and dairy industry for
more » ... e Inst twelve decided to invest the sura of $5,000 months in the Coiriehan Electoral ■0 Victory Loan War Bonds. This Uislrict, eatending to and including is in addition to $1,250 already taken Cobble Hill on the sonth, and Che-Mr. G. A. Cheeke, at Haywards', the weary salesmen, the centre of the table being graced by a magnificent Victory cake, decorated to represent battleship! a fitting tribnte to tb wonderfol orgaoixation that has been a first factor in bringing hostilities to a auceejsful conclusion. The Shawnigan Uke Honour Flag prominent place amid the moral dec orations. After the toast of the King bad been duly hononred, the chairman, Hr. Cheeke. recBhnted, in a moving speech, the snccess of the campaign. So greatly moved was be by his own eloquence that be mistook the pickles for brown sugar and liberally fla voured his coffee with sauce Pacta and Figures The secretary, Mr. H. B. Wingate White, then gmy»«al--tome interest ing figxreis gobble Hiii applications were 91; total subscriptions $35,200. WELL DONE, COWICHAN! Districts' Joint Contribution Nearly Double Quotas-Almost a Thousand Subscribers Chemainus Cobble Hill Shawnigan I Totals same basis. Victoria would have had piled by Mr. L. F. Solly. Wesiholme, to mise *6400.000, and fill in 22,875' R«vc Mutter said they were in the in accordance with his usual anmi.l applications. . . fortnnale position of having between custom. of ennrassers for lirgjt Imounl *"'* " ' duesiinn whether part Total production of eggs, 165,000 turned in, a total of $25 100 and was ***'* **'""'<1 *>* wip* off de-' SOc per dozen ...._.4S2.500 i. M ih. J™; *" Mr Phil Anstin «f Ch.".,.-r. ^ production of slock, chicks, ' wonderful -Uke. was second i; Alue S7oTd^ --------* with $13,800 and first in number of ^ ^turning neat year and the applications with 7a : ProUbiliiy of the district requiring "Well Done. Cowichan" is the signal whivh Canada flies for ns. Here the story as far as it can be given; . .
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