Contribution To The Evaluation Of The Diversity And Abundance Of Hematophage Dipteries In The Moukalaba Doudou National Park (Southern Gabon) In Rain Season

Franck Mounioko, Christophe Roland Zinga Koumba, Aubin Armel Koumba, Ga?L Darren Maganga, Joseph Lebel Tamesse, Gustave Simo, Bertrand M\'Batchi, Jacques Fran?Ois Mavoungou.
2018 Zenodo  
The abundance and species diversity of Tsetse flies, Stomoxids and Tabanids were assessed by insect captures using Vavoua and Nzi traps during the long rainy season, from 14th february to 5th march 2017, in three types of biotope: forest, savannah and village (anthropized environment), in the Moukalaba Doudou National Park, in southern of Gabon. A total of 2270 biting flies were captured in the study area, including 885 individuals (39%) in the forest, 852 (38%) in the village and 533 (23%) in
more » ... e and 533 (23%) in the savannah. The maximum catch was recorded in forest and the minimum in savannah. However, one-way analysis of variance showed that there was no significant difference at the 5% threshold for biting fly distribution within the three habitats (p=0.15). In addition, 16 species including 5 species of tsetse flies, 2 species of stomoxids and 9 species of tabanids have been identified. The presence of these vectors in this zone could suggest a possible transmission of human trypanosomes but also Loa loa filariasis in the Park.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1199326 fatcat:2ghlf6xwa5et3mxj3chms45fju