Tocotrienol Content in Hen Eggs: Its Fortification by Supplementing the Feed with Rice Bran Scum Oil

Phumon SOOKWONG, Kiyotaka NAKAGAWA, Shin-ichi NAKAJIMA, Yoshikazu AMANO, Masaaki TOYOMIZU, Teruo MIYAZAWA
2008 Bioscience, biotechnology and biochemistry  
Tocotrienol (T3) is an unsaturated vitamin E having health benefits (e.g., anti-angiogenesis). We measured T3 in commercial eggs, and developed T3-fortified eggs by adding rice bran scum oil (RBO, containing 1.3% T3) to the feed. Commercial eggs contained about 0.11 mg of T3/egg, while the T3 content was improved to 0.62 mg/egg after RBO supplementation to the feed of hens for 7 d.
doi:10.1271/bbb.80432 pmid:18997413 fatcat:2tlll342nncphb3rrr7n7wdl4e