The question of determining installation sites for the Air purification of pig premises local system elements
К вопросу определения мест установки элементов локальной системы очистки воздушной среды свиноводческих помещений

Leonid Andreev, State Agrarian University of the Northern Trans-Urals, Vladimir Yurkin
2021 АгроЭкоИнфо  
The allocation of intake air stream in pig premises is not evenly. The existence of engineer-ing networks and equipment, the breaching of montage technologies of air ventilation, incorrect maintenance of air ventilation system – all these factors bring to many breaches and problems. This problem such as air exchange violation in all premises, appearing zones of stasis (aero stasis), and others. As a result of which the differential of temperature and humidity has appeared. These also appear
more » ... ss maximum per-mitted concentration of dust and gases. The all-exchanged ven-tilation system can't solve all problems in local zones in pig premises. In this local air-ventilation system become more demand. For effective work of local air ventilation, the question of deter-mining installation sites for the air purification of pig premises local system elements should be solved. Keywords: LOCAL VENTILATION, AIR CLEANING FROM DUST, DUST RELEASE, HARMFUL GAS CLEANING
doi:10.51419/20217013 fatcat:k2rplliwyzcsjho36f6jk3did4