A Pseudo-spectral Method for Time Distributed Order Two-sided Space Fractional Differential Equations

Shina Daniel Oloniiju, Sicelo Praisegod Goqo, Precious Sibanda
2021 Taiwanese journal of mathematics  
Time distributed order two-sided space differential equations of arbitrary order offer a robust approach to modelling complex dynamical systems. In this study, we describe a scheme for obtaining the numerical solutions of time distributed order multidimensional two-sided space fractional differential equations. The numerical discretization scheme is a hybrid scheme, comprising a Newton-Cotes quadrature formula and a spectral collocation method. The time distributed order fractional differential
more » ... operator is approximated using the composite Simpson's rule, and the solution of the resulting differential equation is expressed as a linear combination of shifted Chebyshev polynomials in all variables. Convergence analysis of the numerical scheme is presented. Some one-and two-dimensional time distributed order two-sided space fractional differential equations, such as the fractional advection-dispersion and diffusion equations, are presented to demonstrate the accuracy and computational efficiency of the numerical scheme, and numerical solutions are compared with the exact solutions, where these are available.
doi:10.11650/tjm/210501 fatcat:3wvht33cbnenfhyuqc46myur2y