Mapping of the descriptive logic into RDF using binary relational data model

I.S. Chystiakova, Institute of Software Systems NAS of Ukraine
This paper is dedicated to the data integration problem. To establish relationships between data models is one of the key tasks in this solution. The descriptive logic and the relational data model are at the heart of a study. They have been used to create a mapping method on the theoretical level. The binary relational data model has been developed as a part of a mapping method. The previous studies are continued in this paper to prove on practice a mapping creation method between the
more » ... ve logic and the binary relational data model. The method uses the binary relational data model as an integrating model. This paper continues the previous research of practical implementation of the mapping creation between the descriptive logic and the binary relational data model. The task to prove the theoretical mapping method on practice was formulated. A question how to map the binary relational data model into RDF-triples was considered. A brief overview of the R2R ML conversion tool was given. Triple maps were created to convert a conceptual information model of descriptive logic into RDF triplets with the help of R2R ML. Also, triples maps are described to convert basic mapping mechanisms into RDF with the help of R2R ML.
doi:10.15407/pp2021.01.056 fatcat:ftzxruigmbdgtnsy45lwgwutpe