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1899 The American mathematical monthly  
Known as the Early Journal Content, this set of works include research articles, news, letters, and other writings published in more than 200 of the oldest leading academic journals. The works date from the mid--seventeenth to the early twentieth centuries. 128 in such a manner that one of its diagonals always coincides with a chord of the circle; find the surface and the volume generated, and thence deduce the formulae for the surface and the volume of a sphere. *** Solutions of these problems
more » ... should be sent to J. M. Colaw not later than June 10. This work comprises three sections, in the first of which is given a very thorough treatment of the Differential Calculus and its applications; the second is devoted to treatment of the Integral Calculus; and the third deals with the elementary methods of solving Ordinary Differential Equations of the first and second orders. In the Differential and Integral Calculus, the author has given a few practical applications as early as possible, in order that the beginner may have some notion of the uses to which the Calculus may be put. Curve'Tracing receives a good deal of attention; Hyperbolic Functions and their differentiation has received due consideration. Throughout the work, numerous examples are given, these being well selected and graded in a way to stimulate and inspir.e the student. The subject of the Calculus as presented in this work is clear and simple, and is a worthy rival of the many valuable works on this subject. versity. 8vo. Half Leather Back, v+768 pages. Price, $2.95. Boston : Ginn &Co. In this book, the fact is emphasized that a knowledge of Elementary Mechanics is the logical basis of the whole science of Physics. With this in view, we find here a more complete treatment of Mechanics than is ordinarily the case, especially in the physical notions which attach to the simplest cases of the action of force. Numerous problems are appended to the various chapters, the solutions of which will go far towards impressing the principles upon the mind of the student. The method of presenting the subject of Physics as here given is very good. B. F. F.