Mutational spectrum in the MEFV and TNFRSF1A genes in patients suffering from AA amyloidosis and recurrent inflammatory attacks

C. Dode
2002 Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation  
Background. Among hereditary fevers characterized by recurrent attacks of fever and organ localized inflammation, familial Mediterranean fever (FMF), and tumour necrosis factor receptor superfamily 1A (TNFRSF1A) receptor associated periodic syndrome (TRAPS) are diseases with identified genes that can be associated with renal amyloidosis of the AA type. In this study we have characterized FMF and TRAPS genotypes in 38 unrelated patients suffering from amyloidosis AA and recurrent inflammatory
more » ... acks. Methods. Mutations of the MEFV and TNFRSF1A genes, responsible respectively for FMF and TRAPS, were searched for by amplifying, using polymerase chain reaction (PCR), genomic DNA, and direct sequencing. Results. Twenty-seven patients (71%) carried mutations in MEFV (22 patients with two mutations, two patients with a single mutation) or TNFRSF1A genes (three patients). Patients with MEFV mutations belonged to the classical at-risk ethnic group for FMF: Sephardic Jews, Turks, Armenians, and Arabs from the Maghreb. The main genotype encountered was M694VuM694V (19u22), one Turkish patient was M680I/M680I, and two Arab patients from the Maghreb were M694I/M694I. We found three Caucasian patients with the C55S, C70Y, R92Q mutations in the TNFRSF1A gene. Conclusions. In this series we observed that FMF is the main cause of AA amyloidosis in Sephardic Jews and Turks. MEFV and TNFRSF1A mutations were found in only 6 of 14 Arab patients from the Maghreb. We found three families (one Caucasian and two from Maghreb) with AA amyloidosis without MEFV or TNFRSF1A mutations, suggesting that other genetic cause(s) exist(s). The characterization of mutations in MEFV and TNFRSF1A is important for the therapeutic behaviour of AA amyloidosis associated with inherited recurrent fever.
doi:10.1093/ndt/17.7.1212 pmid:12105243 fatcat:aomp45oiavfxranfatw4lgqxhy