Scanning Optics Enabled Possibilities and Challenges in Laser Cladding

Joonas Pekkarinen
2015 Physics Procedia  
Laser cladding using a scanned beam is quite a similar process than laser cladding using static optics (e.g. lens or mirror optics). The main difference comes from the manipulation of the laser beam. In laser cladding with scanning optics the laser beam is manipulated with a scanner so that the laser's area of influence can be shaped numerically. This increases cladding process flexibility. Scanning optics enable laser beam modification considerably versatile way than normal static optics can.
more » ... his is due to possibility of numerical adjustment of scanning amplitude, laser power and scanning frequency. By modifying these parameters clad beads geometry can by modified quite freely. However scanned laser beam in surface modification process creates some restricting factors to the process. Mainly limitations for the process parameter values come from the dual characteristics of the energy input. This paper treats usability of scanning optics in laser cladding process in general level. In this paper is discussed how scanned beam can be used to increase the flexibility but also maters that limit the usage of scanned beam in cladding process. Process possibilities and limitations are presented in trough experimental data and examples.
doi:10.1016/j.phpro.2015.11.039 fatcat:rcvhunf22bfcfljwvj5fej4v3i