Severe gastric dysplasia with intramucosal carcinoma in a 16-year-old male
Displasia gástrica severa con carcinoma intramucoso en un hombre de 16 años

José de Jesús Curiel-Valdés, Fernando Sánchez-Martínez, Carmen Valdez-Carrillo, Héctor Olvera-Gil, Everardo Zavala
Cirugía y Cirujanos  
Gastric dysplasia is a rare adult condition affecting a small area near polyps, ulcers or is an inflammatory process. Adenocarcinoma develops in severe gastric dysplasia, and this process may take 1 year. Mild and moderate dysplasias regress and only a small proportion progresses to severe dysplasia. We report a severe dysplasia in a 16-year-old male with no clinical history of gastric disease with acute and severe upper gastrointestinal bleeding that lowered hemoglobin levels to 2.8 g/dL.
more » ... s to 2.8 g/dL. Bleeding persisted and subtotal gastrectomy was performed on an emergency basis. At gross examination, bleeding and congestion were found with superficial ulcers. Microscopically, severe dysplasia was observed with intramucosal areas of carcinoma limited to foveolar mucosa. The ulcers were congested and there was no inflammation, no polyps or other alterations in the mucosal layer. Ki-67 and P53 markers were positive, p16 with sporadic positivity. The purpose here is to report an exceptional case because of the young age and extensive and severe dysplasia with areas of intramucosal carcinoma and no previous clinical history. No similar cases of severe dysplasia with carcinoma in situ are reported in the literature.
pmid:17470326 fatcat:lxthv2bqjbebnetzmt4dnltna4