Biometric and statistical investigations on the cnidoma of the genus Hydra (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa)

Maria I. Deserti, Mauricio O. Zamponi
2012 Iheringia: Série Zoologia  
This paper deals about the nematocysts like a source of biometric information for comparison between the species Hydra vulgaris Pallas, 1766, Hydra vulgaris pedunculata Deserti et al., 2011 and Hydra pseudoligactis (Hyman, 1931). This biometric tool lets us carry out statistical comparisons and adding these results to the identification of specimens from different classificatory groups. In this particular study, we obtained significant differences between species, individuals of each species
more » ... of each species and nematocysts type when compared the biometry of its nematocysts. Another result was the variation in of particular nematocysts, like atrichous isorhiza and holotrichous isorhiza for the species H. vulgaris in relation to the column size.
doi:10.1590/s0073-47212012000300008 fatcat:d6zlaub3efbi7odrspbfztibqa