Correlations and Hyper-Correlations

Gennaro Auletta
2011 Journal of Modern Physics  
Recent developments in quantum information allow for a new understanding of quantum correlations. The aim of this paper is to physically explain why quantum mechanics obeys a stronger bond than the non-signaling requirement or alternatively why it obeys a principle of information causality. It is shown that a physical theory violating the quantum bond allows for correlations between settings while quantum mechanics only allows for correlations between possible outcomes. In fact, correlations
more » ... ct, correlations between settings would violate the protocols used in quantum cryptography. The conclusion is that information codification is a local operation and quantum mechanics sets the general conditions for information exchanging in our universe since it satisfies and saturates the bond that is imposed by the principle of information causality, and in so doing it also sets specific constraints on both the possible interdependencies and the possible interactions (also causal interconnections) in our universe.
doi:10.4236/jmp.2011.29114 fatcat:zvzjqrmffrch7dp23lauzztj6y