Author response: A subcellular map of the human kinome [peer_review]

Haitao Zhang, Xiaolei Cao, Mei Tang, Guoxuan Zhong, Yuan Si, Haidong Li, Feifeng Zhu, Qinghua Liao, Liuju Li, Jianhui Zhao, Jia Feng, Shuaifeng Li (+10 others)
2021 unpublished
The human kinome comprises 538 kinases playing essential functions by catalyzing protein phosphorylation. Annotation of subcellular distribution of the kinome greatly facilitates investigation of normal and disease mechanisms. Here, we present Kinome Atlas (KA), an imagebased map of the kinome annotated to 10 cellular compartments. 456 epitope-tagged kinases, representing 85% of the human kinome, were expressed in HeLa cells and imaged by immunofluorescent microscopy under a similar condition.
more » ... similar condition. KA revealed kinase family-enriched subcellular localizations and discovered a collection of new kinase localizations at mitochondria, plasma membrane, extracellular space, and other structures. Furthermore, KA demonstrated the role of liquid-liquid phase separation in formation of kinase condensates. Identification of MOK as a mitochondrial kinase revealed its function in cristae dynamics, respiration, and oxidative stress response. Although limited by possible mislocalization due to overexpression or epitope tagging, this subcellular map of the kinome can be used to refine regulatory mechanisms involving protein phosphorylation. Zhang et al. eLife 2021;10:e64943.
doi:10.7554/elife.64943.sa2 fatcat:rsvbxlcufremllemznd2vaarhy