Lightning precursory electrostatics and a critique to some protection systems

V. Amoruso, F. Lattarulo
2003 IEEE Bologna Power Tech Conference Proceedings,  
The paper is essentially aimed at gaining an insight into the prominent role played by a charged thundercloud in influencing pre-stroke electrostatics and, therefore, leader dynamics. Substitutive of the usual dipole source representing a thundercloud cell, a recently recommended three-level set of planar charge distributions is the electrostatic model adopted. Accordingly, when a number of thundercloud cells with similar stages of maturation are realistically arranged as to form a unique large
more » ... structure, representing a horizontally extended bank, the given electric field at ground is especially suggestive in predetermining, irrespective of the leader genesis, a restricted zone where the ground lightning will strike. Accordingly, convincing arguments are raised for discussing the preventing or intercepting features ascribed to some classes of lightning protection systems.
doi:10.1109/ptc.2003.1304133 fatcat:ea3b2ezfrzgdlg24lfjnzw2x2e