Security Assessment for Cyber Physical Distribution Power System under Intrusion Attacks

Rong Fu, Xiaojuan Huang, Yusheng Xue, Yingjun Wu, Yi Tang, Dong Yue
2018 IEEE Access  
A cyber physical distribution power system (CPDS) is a large and complex infrastructure that coordinates the cyber communication system and the physical distribution power system. Because of the increasingly advanced information communication technology, the development of cyber physical distribution power system has caused key cyber security issues related to system operation. This paper is focused on realizing a unified system attack modeling and security assessment of an active distribution
more » ... ower system. In this paper, first we present an overview of the system operation from the fusion system perspective. The significant effects of network intrusion attacks on operational security are evaluated. A new unified cyber physical network model is established using a limited stochastic Petri net graph theory that considers refined firewalls and password components. Then, a security effectiveness evaluation method is proposed to analyze channel throughput variation and system robustness. Overall CPDS security risk values are determined based on physical influence coefficients. Finally, simulations of an improved IEEE-33 bus distribution power system and security assessment under intrusion attacks are described. The research work could raise awareness of the cyber intrusion threats and provide the basis for security defense. INDEX TERMS Cyber physical distribution system, cyber intrusion attacks, information security indices, limited stochastic Petri net theory.
doi:10.1109/access.2018.2855752 fatcat:hl6ufri5qrhhnbo7kr33b2hlme